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I believe in a multi-professional – and holistic approach with building rapport and trust as the first step in the healing process of the client. My passion is to work with adolescents and adults dealing with depression and anxiety as well as relationship dynamics.

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Two days of intensive transformation for your relationship. These two days will be in the space between the two of you and me. No one else will be present.The Couple’s Intensive Workshop is based on Imago Relationship Therapy and Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, both isrevolutionary methods for assisting couples in achieving a radical transformation in their relationship.

You will be guided by an experienced couples’ therapist and work towards repairing your relationship and becoming reconnected to one another.

The process will help you to makes sense of the emotional turmoil and the difficulties in being ‘stuck in a rut’. With structured and researched processes, the therapist can assist in healing the pain that comes from being disconnected. Too often, couples tend to focus on the symptoms. By only changing these, the change will not be meaningful or long lasting. The Couple’s Intensive Workshop will take you to the root of the pain and conflict in your relationship. If you can heal and transform that, then you will be able to make a meaningful difference to your lives.

“Going around in circles” is not usually a positive concept associated with progress. But the Relationship Cycle is one adventure you will want to stay on and keep going around and around. 

A relationship is a spiral, repeating the stages of love and the experience of rupture, repair and connection. You enter through the doorway of romantic love, you hit the power struggle, and then you make the choice to re-commit. Then you do the work. You awaken to yourself and each other, and you experience real love.

Each time around the cycle, the rupture feels less catastrophic, the repair happens faster, and the connection feels greater. Ultimately, the emotions connected with the power struggle become less toxic to the relationship, as understanding, curiosity, and compassion grow.

When we remain unaware of the hidden agenda of romantic love, we keep on making the same mistakes. We need to understand that conflict is actually growth trying to happen. By resolving your problem in deep connectedness, the emotional bond initially created by romantic love can evolve into the powerful bond that is real love. These two days creates a sacred space for healing and growth that can lead you to the relationship of your dreams.

Learn more about the Relationship Cycle during these two days, and how to transform your power struggles into curiosity and compassion. You will leave with tools and skills to keep on transforming your relationship.

Who will benefit from this process?

  • For any relationship that might be in serious trouble and where both people are willing to work together to repair it;
  • Couples that feel stuck in old patterns and want to move to a new and more creative ways of relating to one another;
  • One party wants to leave the relationship, but is willing to put in “one last effort” to make it work;
  • Couples that want to transform the energy of the power struggle into an energy filled with passion; 
  • Couples that want to learn the art of being connected and alive with each other; and
  • Parents that want to create a superior nurturing climate for their children.

Contact Details:

Cell: 082 441 8522

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Suzette van Niekerk is a registered Counselling Psychologist. She attained her BA (Social Work) degree (Cum Laude) in 1996, Honours Degree in Psychology in 1999 and Magister in Counselling Psychology (Cum Laude) in 2002. She has 16 years of experience as a psychologist and this is preceded by four years as a social worker. She completed her internship at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital in 2001. In total, she has 21 years of experience in the mental health field. She started her career in the Department of Correctional Services as a Social Worker and after completing her studies as a Counselling Psychologist she returned to the Department of Correctional Services working as a psychologist for two years and resigned to start her private practice. The experience gained at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital together with the work at Correctional Services equipped her with a valuable clinical background. She started her private practice in 2004. Her private practice is based in Centurion.

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